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Welcome to NamelessRP

This server is about having fun and not taking itself too serious, however this does not take away from the fact that we strive for the best in server quality! If you enjoy the survive consider donating!

Have any questions?

Message us on the server or on our forums!


We have tons of items for you to choose from, check our shop! We're sure you'll find something you'll like

Steam giftcard?

You can donate using Steam giftcards, all you need to do is join our discord and DM the Owner

Frequently Asked Questions?

Can I use something other than paypal?

You can use the debit / credit card options that are used inside of paypal, other than that we unfortunately do not support anything besides paypal currently.

How long does it take?

When you donate it can take 45 seconds to deliver.

Can I get a refund?

Sadly we offer no refunds.