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Ban Appeal


Banned by: Console
I was banned for cheating/hacking.

Today, I wanted to play on this server, but as I finished joining it, I was instantly banned for the reason, "cheating or hacking." The reason I feel that I should be unbanned is that I have only joined this server twice from what I can remember, and at both occasions I did not use any sort of hacks or cheats. I feel that while the server is a great one, I was unfairly banned and while I am not sure if it was an admin or just the console who banned me, but I would greatly appreciate to be unbanned so that I can continue to play on this server.



This is currently being investigated.
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Toxi | Admin


Our AC detected you using a cheat client named BigPackets, I will unban you this one time but if you are banned for a second time there is nothing I can do,

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