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I'm done


So, this is it for me. I'm done.

After being on the server for almost 6 months I feel like the drama on this
server got me nowhere.
And it doesn't help the fact that Rain had decided to bamboozle us to thinking
the server was gonna shut down just to say it's a joke.
That was the last straw; that was the nail in the coffin to think that it was
over for this server, and I moved on.
I still have some sort of an admiration for the server, since it's community and
following are nothing alike other servers.

But here's the thing... I'm done being involved with drama that I'm not apart of. And this is it for me.
Listen, I love Nameless and it's community but it's time for me to move on; at least as a staff member.

I wish you all farewell!

Yours truely
EX Admin
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Big f dude, wish you good luck man!
-Jcklein, A T-Mod with bad aim
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