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Plays NEW Staff app


Ingame name: Plays
SteamID: STEAM_0:1:210540036
Time Spent On Server(Minimum of 12 hours): I have 1day and 2min on the server.

What is your time zone: My time zone is the HST or Hawaiian Standard Time.

Age(Minimum of 14): I am 13 and I am going to be 12 in a months.
Do you understand ULX commands and how to use them? I do know the ULX commands EX: God, Noclip on some servers, cloak, ungod, and uncloak on some servers.
Why should we choose you as a staff member?(Minimum of 70 words) You guys should choose me has a new staff member because I know most of the rules for the server including the basing rules and the basic DarkRP rules. I think that you guys should also add me to the staff team because I am a active player on your Nameless, and I am nice to the people that play on the Nameless. I think the I would be a very good staff member because I like to help people when that need it the most, and I like to play on the server.

Do you have any moderating experience? I do have some experience with being a admin on some smaller servers. I had to ban someone for MRDM/ Mass RDM and mic spam/ fail RP.


-[- idk if this is a joke or serious but "13, 12 in a months" sounds a bitttt off

-Never seen you on before

-Too young 

-Not alot of experience 

-May need more time to be recognized on the server 
[Image: Snapchat-41876897.jpg]

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-Unless you've changed your ingame name, I have absolutely no clue as to who you are.
-You do not meet the expectations for the age requirement.
-I agree with Fatal, this does seem like a troll application.
-I'd personally say that you need some more time on the server to get more people to know you.


This is unbelievable!
1. The amount of grammar mistakes.
2. 13 years old and becoming 12?
3. I have never seen you on.
-Jcklein, A T-Mod with bad aim
[Image: cover2.jpg]

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Bruh who is this man
[Image: thumb-1920-915272.png]



-No Idea who you are
[Image: giphy.gif]
I am the shipwreck 




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