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Banned for 1w....


SteamID(SteamID Finder):STEAM_0:0:88734582
Staff member who banned you:Human
Why were you banned? (Add as much detail as possible, and attach a screenshot of the ban message) https://i.imgur.com/xrAwG10.png 
Why should you be unbanned?
I only did ONE out of 5 things listed on my ban reason which was ARDM x4. I know from experience that adding in MINGE/NITRP is not one of the reasons you can add time on a ban for, it is simply a way to get rid of people you don't like. I watched people do it every day and its petty. An ARDMX4 ban would be <3d, not a week. Also, I never ONCE lied in a sit. I lied to a player about not having a grapple hook while human was spectating me near PD. Also, Human was literally CAUGHT lying in a sit trying to save his ass, and got no strike or anything for it. If DarkRP has really come to just adding MINGE and NITRP into a ban to make it as long as possible, then I guess this server has succeeded.


this man is innocent
#unban brandon
big dick bee


https://i.imgur.com/xI9kxkQ.png Admits to abusing to ban me......

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-You were being spectated by multiple Staff Members for 4 counts of Attempt RDM and we've been talking about what to do with you in the admin chat to higher ups and they told human what to ban him for and how long he should be banned for.


Ahuh, so if u were spectating me, you saw I only did 1/5 things, which was ardmx4....

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(09-03-2019, 12:51 AM)Brandon.cc Wrote: Ahuh, so if u were spectating me, you saw I only did 1/5 things, which was ardmx4....

-Tell that to the other 3 who were watching you. I'm not going to argue over this nor do I think you should as well. According to higher ups who discussed your ban thought that the ban was fair too.


From what I saw, during one of the sits with human you ask him to check logs claiming that the person who killed you damaged you first when in fact you grappled the person first leading him to killing you.  Right after your first sit with human you also decided to change your name. Not only that but after that sit was done you continued to grapple random people on the street for no reason what so ever. Do you have any reason as to why you kept grappling these people? 
-Head Admin


1st, that only adds up to ARDM x4... I never once actually lied. Leaving a part out isn't lying. Also, regardless of what you all "decide or think" the ban length is, it has to be according to the rules/guidelines specifically posted for this reason. Can't just ban for a week instead of a normal time because you all agree on it.

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You claimed that the person damaged you first, but you grappled the person dealing damage to that said person. In the sit you specifically asked for damage logs to be looked at and was confident in the fact that he damaged you first, when very well you were just running around grappling people. This is clearly you lying to staff, as you're telling them that you were damaged first and killed for no reason, but you were running around grappling people and doing damage to them. Of course when you check logs it doesn't actually show who damages the player and rather it shows that the grappling hook did the damage, but in your case I was spectating you watching you grapple multiple people. On top of that you continued to grapple people after the one or two sits, which clearly shows you have no intent to actually play on the server. Also you for some reason also changed your name after the first sit, as if you wanted to avoid getting punished. The ban was justified, as you know what you were doing but instead of stopping what you did, you decided to continue to grapple people for no reason.

That being said your ban will remain as it is.
-Head Admin

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