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General Rules:
- Do not RDM - ‘Random Deathmatch’ - Killing players with no valid RP, CROSSFIRE is not a valid reason (RDM also includes allowing someone into your base, then killing them)
- Do not break NLR - ‘New Life Rule’ - Returning to point of death (within 5 minutes), or remembering something from your past life (Note: If you were Randomly killed or RDM’d, you may disregard NLR).
- NLR applies to the whole RP situation, NLR is NOT only in your NLR circle. Example: If you were raided and died, you may not go back to any part of the base, even if it is not covered by your NLR circle.
- You must have a valid Rp name. A name cannot consist of the following characters .,:'"/ !@#$%^&*()
- Do not use chat modifiers. (this includes rainbow text, flashing text, colored text, etc. - Emotes are allowed.)
- Do not RP in spawn. (ex. Kidnapping, Mugging, and shooting people)
- If you are initiated into roleplay (ex. Kidnapping, Mugging, and shooting people) outside of spawn or a safe-zone, do not re-enter spawn or a safe zone to avoid the rp situation.
- Racism is NOT Allowed in any form, this will result in a warning then a 1 hour ban
Harassment: Harassing players includes chain adverting (mug, raid, kidnap, ect. to one player in a short period of time), You may continue to raid one's base as long as you follow the cooldown and are not chain adverting. We suggest you not follow people around with the intent to annoy the player if they advert warn, back off. 
- Do not flame or harass a player/staff member, if you do not stop when asked you will be punished. (Staff diss not warnable but flaming/harassing staff is.)
- Don't abuse your tool gun in any way. (For example, do not put text screens on someone else's base)
- Do not advertise links to other servers or communities. (This includes having a server promotion in your name)
- Do not spam/ear-rape through your microphone or chat.
- If someone does something to you (shoots you, crosses your kos line, etc.) and you know who did it, you will have 10 seconds to kill them before all is forgiven.
- Do not evade or avoid punishment, and do not lie to staff in a sit. Doing so will result in an increase in your punishment.
- Do not falsely report a player or staff. This could result in you getting a warning.
- If you enter the red circle surrounding an airdrop, you will be kos to anyone who sees it, meaning anyone can kill you.
- Do not hack, exploit or use external scripts. This will result in a permanent ban of your account.
- Do not send fake adverts into chat. Example "/advert Mug drop 10k or die (raid)"
- Do not threaten to harm, DDoS, or DoX any player or staff. This will also result in a permanent ban.
- You may not use auto clickers, scripts, or bots to help you do any in game task.
- If you find an exploit or ‘loophole’ report it to a staff member. Using these to your advantage will result in punishment.
- Do not prop abuse (Trapping/Blocking players, throwing props and using props to climb.)
- Do not camera spam. (Example spam left click to make a blinking motion)
- If you grapple someone you become kos to the person you grappled.
- Do not impersonate players or staff. This will result in a warning and a name change.
- Do not use chain adverts (Adverts with more than one action in them ex. raid/raid assist)
- Do not demote players while the staff is online (you can start a demote vote for mayor if you are attempting to impeach him).
- Do not host “Death Matches” with players in RP areas. Additionally do not DM your friends in RP areas.
- You may not scam anyone for in-game money or real life money. (Scamming also includes allowing someone into your base, then killing them)
- In order to kill someone if they are being annoying, following you, or rp-based harassment, you must warn them 3 times in advert. (Ex. /advert Warn 1/2/3). These adverts must be 3 seconds apart, but there may not be a 6 secord interval between two adverts, if there is, you must start over. If the player you are warning stops the action you are warning them for, you may not kill them/warn them further unless they further provoke you.
- You cannot warn players in the street unless they are threatening you, following you, waiting for you to drop something, or impeding on your personal space.
- Do not break Fear RP. FearRP is initiated when someone pointing a weapon at you mugs or kidnaps you. Under FearRP, you may not: pull out a weapon, run away, or kill yourself. If you have a weapon out when FearRP is initiated, you may kill the person who is mugging or kidnapping you. FearRP is broken if the person is: countered by another player, runs away a considerable distance, or breaks line of sight with you.
- Do not use your body to block people unless you are a hobo.
- Do not God Check staff on duty. This is when you shoot a staff member on duty to make sure they are in ‘god mode’. This will result in a warn.
- Do not use an alternate account to rejoin the server after being banned. This will result in an increase of your ban.
- You may not make the first door of PD ‘KOS’.
- Staff decisions are final. If you have a problem, take it to the forums.
- You must have a targetable name, no excessive use of symbols or foreign characters are allowed.
- Attempting to find a way around the rules will not be tolerated on this server if caught it will result in a 6 hour ban. 
- Do not go around shooting doors off randomly, This will be a warning.
Base Rules: 
- World glow/ one-way material is only allowed for viewing and not shooting.
- One way shooting is NOT ALLOWED, They must be able to see you.(You may blind fire them) 
- One way setups may not be toggled to be shot through.
- if you can shoot at someone raiding your base they have to be able to shoot back.(this includes angle abuse and one way shooting)
- While building, you may not engage in any RP situations. Entering a house while it is being built is FailRP. The owner can kill you without a KOS line while building. If you are harassing a player who is building, you will be warned.
-  A base that is being built can not have any raidables (printers, drugs, bitcoin, etc.)
- All fading doors must have fully visible keypads that are next to the fading door it controls.
- KOS lines are allowed but can only extend to the sidewalk outside your base. In order for a KOS line to work, you must have a KOS sign that designates the line as ‘KOS’.
- You may only have up to 3 fading doors to be used as doors. 3 fading doors to be used as protection against your raidables (printers, drugs, bitcoin, etc.)
- You can not have a KOS sign against a certain job or player.
- Fake or useless keypads are not allowed.
- You may block off extra entrances as long as there is one entrance to get in.
- You may only build on a roof if you own the entire building.
- No crouch bases are allowed. This includes having to crouch at all to enter the base.
- No trap bases. This is when someone who enters your base/ raids your base is put into a spot where they cannot leave.
- Prop mazes are not allowed, there must be a clear path to the raidables.
- You can not have invisible/hard to see props.
- You can not hide in no collided props.
- Buttons must be visible and may not be excessively large.
- You may not have ‘blackout’ bases. (This is when your base is almost entirely one color so the raider cannot distinguish how to move through your base.)
- KOS signs must be fully visible, they can have a minimum size of 40, and may not be scrolling/ flashing.
- Your base MUST be able to be raided by PD. If PD can’t raid your base, then it is an illegal base.
- You cannot have initial delays on keypads, the door must open immediately.
- Any structure that is in the air must have support beams.
- You may not kill someone for "Loitering" on the road. They have to be on your property. I.E. sidewalk or inside your base.
- The owner of the front door of a base owns the whole base.
- You can not base in normal tunnels, only dead end tunnels.
- World glow/ one-way material is only allowed for viewing and not shooting.
- Auto collectors may only collect once every 5 minutes.(use delay gate in wire)
- Fading doors/Smart opener E2's must be open for a minimum of 6 seconds.
- Awkward angles are not allowed, players who are raiding you should be able to shoot back.
- Shooting holes/windows should be big enough so raiders can shoot back at you.
Megabase Rules:
- You must have at least 6 players in your party in order to mega base.
- You can only take over an area IF there are NO players already basing there.
- Each base within a megabase must follow the server's base rules.
Raid Rules:
- You may not use a toolgun, build, or edit your base in any way while raiding/ being raided.
- Do not use keybinds to a fading door while being raided.
- All raids may only last up to 15 minutes.
- You may only kill members of the base you are raiding, avoid killing people standing outside of the base who are not a part of the base. You may kill people who advert counter to your raid.
- Raid cooldown is 10 minutes for a different base, and 30 minutes to raid the same base.
- You may not change your job during a raid.
- You may not raid or harass those with building signs.
- If you die while defending against a raid, you may not return to your base until the raid is over. (You are free to stand outside of your base to wait until the raid is over.)
- You must be outside(at most you can be pd street width away from a base) of the base to call raid/raid assist. You must also be outside the base to call over. (I.E. You cannot be inside of the base you want to raid, and you cannot be inside the base to advert over.)
- You cannot raid hobo bases.
Mug Rules:
- The maximum mug amount is $10,000.
- You must give someone a minimum of 10 seconds to drop money when you advert mug. Make them aware they are being mugged.
- The cooldown for a mug is 5 minutes. 20 minutes for the same person.
- You cannot mug hobos or someone AFK.
- You cannot mug dogs. They are dogs.
Pickpocket Rules:
- You do not have to advert pickpocket in order to pickpocket.
- If you succeed in pick-pocketing you may continue to pickpocket until caught.
- If you fail a pickpocket or are caught, you must wait 2 minutes before doing it again.
Counter Rules:
- All players may counter raids/mugs/kidnappings, etc.
- Anyone who counters someone must be in close proximity of the person they are countering.
- If you counter a raid, you may not proceed to continue and raid the base you protected.
Party Rules:
- If party members are based in different bases, members must advert counter if their party member is being raided. Members also cannot kill people for crossing the kos line of a party member's base if they are not basing there.
- All members of a party must advert assist when a party raid is called.
- You must have 6 members in a party in order to megabase.
Wardrobe Rules:
- If you use a model that is shorter than normal player model height, you may not participate in raids (raiding and countering). 
- Do not use any models that may be considered NSFW.
- If a staff member asks you to remove an E2, Remove it!
- Do not use E2s to save or reads private chats (PM, Adminchat). 
- Do not use E2s to alter your appearance. 
- Do not use E2s that follow other players.(After two warnings your e2 access will be revoked).
- Do not use E2s that allow you to teleport to players or entities.
- Using e2 to find or steal other players printers/bitminers will result in e2 being disabled for hour
- You may have smart opener E2s but must stay open for 3 seconds before closing.
- Don't use E2s with over 1500+ CPU time.
- Don't use E2 Holograms that follow other players.
- Using an E2 hologram to find players will result in a kick and warning.
- Music E2s must stay in your base and volume must be low enough to only be heard in the base.
- DO NOT have E2 music players that follow you , if you are caught doing so you will be warned.
- ALL E2S MUST BE IN YOUR BASE KOS LINE don't count as part of your base.
Casino Rules:
- Do not use any wire tools in the casino. (This will result in immediate punishment if caught)
Vape Rules:
- You may not use the vape to get inside a players base. 
- You may not abuse the vape in any way or form.
Lightsaber Rules:
- You may not spam the lightsaber on/off.
- You may not grind the lightsaber against the wall/ground for more than 3 seconds.
Grapple Hook Rules:
- Do not use grapple hook to drag people out of spawn/safezones/adminsits.
- Grappling another player makes you KOS to them, and their party if applicable. (Grappling Staff on Duty allows them to kill you on sight as well)
- You may not use blink swep during a raid to gain access to the base.
Taser Rules:
- If you get tased, you are allowed to kill the person who tased you.
- Do not use the taser without reason. 
Terror/Peace Is Over/Killing Spree Rules:
- You may not switch to a different 'terror' job in order to terror again, you must wait the cooldown for every time you terror. This is shared among all jobs.
Job Rules: 
Gun Dealer/Black Market Dealer:
- Gun Dealer/Black Market Dealer/Exotic Dealer can buy one gun for self defense. You may do this once per life.
- Gun Dealer/Black Market Dealer/Exotic Dealer must have a shop.
- Gun Dealer/Black Market Dealer/Exotic Dealer cannot raid.
- Gun Dealer/Black Market Dealer/Exotic Dealer cannot base with criminal classes.
- Gun Dealer/Black Market Dealer/Exotic Dealer CANNOT self-supply more than one gun, you will be warned.
- Mayor can only have/use a pistol/SMG.
- Only Mayor can initiate lockdowns, but must a valid reason for it. (Valid reasons being: Mayor's life is in danger, too much crime is taking place, raid on pd or bank, etc.)
- Mayor cannot make laws that support criminal jobs.
- Mayor may not base outside PD.
- Mayor can build inside PD.
- Mayor's laws must follow all server rules.
- Mayor cannot make joke laws. Example: Sucking toes is aos.
- Laws must have AOS before KOS.
- Mayor cannot make a law against jaywalking.
- Mayor cannot make a law preventing someone from doing their job.
- Mayor has to have a reason for lockdown and the max lockdown time is 15 minutes.
- Mayor can make roadblocks/checkpoints for RP. You may only have one checkpoint and the maximum fee is $500.
- Mayor must allow people to build in PD in order for them to build.
- Police must try to AOS before KOS unless the person is attacking civilians or cops.
- Police must enforce all laws to the best of their ability.
- Police cannot base outside PD.
- Police can build inside PD with Mayor’s approval. If there is no mayor then police can build inside pd without mayor's approval.
- Do not random warrant/want. You can only warrant a base if you see illegal entities from outside the base. You cannot warrant because the owner of the base committed a crime such as murder or mugging.
- Police cannot be corrupt. This includes: working with criminals, bribery, or committing crime.
- Police must see illegal items to warrant.(you can not warrant based off sounds or “sparks” from printers that go through walls)
- Police cannot accept bribes from criminals.
Corrupt Cop:
- Corrupt Cop must follow basic cop rules.
- Corrupt Cop can accept bribes from criminals.(to ignore crimes, unarrest, or distracting other cops)
- Corrupt Cops will be arrested if caught accepting bribes.
Bank Manager:
- Bank Manager can create a bank and charge a fee to store printers.
- Printers are legal if inside the bank.
- Bank Manager can base with any class.
Hobo/Hobo King:
- Hobo/King cannot base.
- Hobo/King can only have a pistol for self defense.
- Hobo/King can only build on sidewalks, parking lots, unowned areas. (Example: Fountain area)
- Hobo/King bases may not be bigger than this prop: models/hunter/blocks/cube4x4x4.mdl
- Hobo/King cannot have printers.
- Hobo/King cannot own anything over 400 dollars other than a pistol. (You are poor, RP it.)
- Hobo/King cannot mug, raid, or kidnap.
- Cripz/Bloodz cannot RDM each other
- Cripz/Bloodz can declare gang war if both sides leaders agree.
- Gang war can not be longer than 20 minutes.
- After gang war there is a 15 minute cooldown before doing it again.
- Cripz/Bloodz can mega base if they have 4 people.
Drug Lord:
- Drug Lord can base with any criminal except with any hitman classes.
- Drug Lord cannot raid/mug/kidnap.
- Miner cannot Raid/Mug/Kidnap.
- Miner may have a KOS line and walls around their setup, but can not have any fading doors. Making your wall larger than it needs to be is not allowed.
- Miners cannot own a base.
- Miners cannot have printers or bitminers.
Hitman/Mercenary/Scarlett jones/Assasin/LA-99 Unit:
- Hitmen can only raid a base if it is necessary to kill your hit. Hitmen cannot continue a raid after killing their target. This includes stealing from printers, bitminers, etc..
- Hitmen can only kill target with building sign if they are outside their base.
- Hitmen cannot accept hit on the same person for 15 minutes. Different hitman can accept a hit on the same person, though.
- Hitmen can have a base, but can only base alone and have no raidables (printers, bitminers, etc.).
- Do not place or enforce hits on staff on duty. This will result in a warn.
Terrorist/Terrorist Leader:
- Can advert "Terror" and kill for 10 seconds, this shares cooldown with any sort of killing is ok for 10/20 seconds advert.
- Has a 15 minute cooldown between terrors.
- If Terrorists fail to kill anyone during a terror, they must only wait 3 minutes to advert terror again.
- When you advert "terror" you become kos until the terror is over.
- Hitler can Raid/Mug/Steal.
- Hitler can advert "Holocaust" and kill for 10 seconds, this shares cooldown with any sort of killing is ok for 10/20 seconds advert.
- There is a 15 minute cooldown between "Terrors".
- If Hitler fails to kill anyone during a terror, he must wait 3 minutes to advert again.
- When you advert "Holocaust" you become kos until the holocaust is over.
- Follow Hitler.
- If Hitler adverts ‘Holocaust’, you may join but must also advert holocaust.
- When you advert "Holocaust" you become kos until the holocaust is over.
- Follow server rules
Thief/Advance Thief:
- Can Raid/Steal/Mug.
Bank Robber:
- Raid the pd and bank.
- 15 minute cool down between bank/pd raids.
- Do not abuse the Disguise Swep this includes but is not limited to:
- Do not use Disguise Swep to glitch into bases.
- Do not use Disguise Swep when being shot.
- Do not use Disguise Swep when crossing kos sign.
- Do not use Disguise Swep to fly.
- Do not use Disguise Swep to become invisible/hard to see props.
- Combat Medic can raid with people but cannot shoot unless shot first.
- Combat Medic can base with anyone.
Vape Dealer:
- Vape Dealer cannot self supply more than 1 - 2 vapes no shipments.
- Vape Dealer has to have a shop.
- Vape Dealer cannot base with criminals.
- Doge cannot base alone.
- Doge can base with anyone.
- Doge cannot have printers unless in someone else's base.
- Doge cannot carry guns.
- Doge cannot randomly bite people.
- Doge cannot Raid/Mug/Steal.
- Anyone can kill the Alien on sight.
- Alien can advert “The peace is over” and kill for 10 seconds, this shares cooldown with any sort of killing is ok for 10 seconds advert.
- 15 minute cool down between adverts.
- If Alien fails to kill anyone during a peace is over, they must wait 3 minutes to advert again.
- Alien has a right to self defense after being shot.
- Alien may only use the ‘Nomad’ gun provided to them.
- Must advert mug before mugging, max mug is $10,000.
- Cooldown for mug is 5 minutes for a different person, and 20 minutes to mug the same person.
- Mugger can raid/mug/steal.
- Mugger can base with other criminals.
- Citizen cannot Mug.
- Citizen can base with criminals.
- Citizen can counter.
- Citizens can own printers/bitminers.
- Kidnapper must advert ‘kidnap’ before kidnapping.
- 5 minute cool down in between kidnaps, 30 minutes for the same person.
- Kidnapper/Jigsaw can only hold someone for 15 minutes max (5 if you offer no ransom/bail). Once 15 minutes has passed they must be released immediately unless they want to stay.
- Kidnapper/Jigsaw cannot Mug/Raid/Steal.
- Kidnapper/Jigsaw can have a max ransom/bail(the person you kidnapped my pay this fee to get out) of $40,000.
- Follow basic server rules.
- Can base with anyone except hobo and government classes.
Sewer Rat:
- Anyone can kill sewer rat on sight.
- Sewer rat can kill anyone on sight IF they are underground but can only use the weapon they spawn with.
- Sewer rat cannot mug/raid, but can steal.
- Marine can protect other players much like the personal guard.
- Marine can mug and steal.
- Marine cannot raid
- Marine can base with any job except government jobs.
- Do not spam random keys.
- Pianist cannot raid/mug/steal
Serial Killer:
- Serial Killer can advert "Killing Spree" and kill for 10 seconds.
- Serial Killer shares the same terror cooldowns as hitler/terrorists.
- When you advert "Killing Spree" you become kos until the killing spree is over.
Oil Refiner:
- Oil Refiner can only have a kos line around their area, they can not build walls.
- Oil Refiner can only make a kos line around the max two oil mounds they can claim.
- Oil Refiner must have their claimed oil mounds next to each other, they cannot claim one on one end and one on the other.
- Oil Refiner cannot break down other refiner's things.
- Oil Refiner cannot have raidables(Printers, bitcoin, etc.)
Pizza Chef:
- Pizza Chef must build a restaurant (much like a gun dealer has to build a gun shop).
- Pizza Chef cannot have raidables (printers, bitminer, ect.).
- Pizza Chef cannot base with any other class except for other pizza chefs (they can still hire a personal guard).
All rules are subject to change at any given moment.
Most important rule of all, Rain is hella gay.

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