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Dylan's staff apply


Ingame name: Ice dylan
SteamID (SteamID Finder): steam_0:0:222140293
Time Spent On Server(Minimum of 12 hours):  12h
Do you have a microphone that you use in-game? yes
What is your time zone? GMT-4 
Age(Minimum of 14): 14
Do you understand ULX commands and how to use them? yes 
Why should we choose you as a staff member?(Minimum of 70 words) well think u should choose me so i can help out the sever and get rid of all the rule breakers.
Do you have any moderating experience? no but i know how to be and admin.

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- Painfully obvious rushed application
- Contradictory statements in application ("Do you have any moderating experience? no but i know how to be and admin.")
- Consider spelling and grammar?

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You clearly have to try to make an app so bad.
Barely any words in the 70 word requirement.
The question where asks "Do you have any moderating experience" doesnt mean any experience as a Moderator, it means experience as a Staff Member.
The colour just hurts my eyes i can barely read the Application. Make it a contrasting colour.
Barely enough hours on the server to apply, just looks like you played for 12h and applied.

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Your staff app doesn't meet the requirements in terms of why we should accept you into the team. The minimum is 70 words, I'll give you a couple of days to fix your app.


You can barely read this.doesn’t have the required words. Low effort staff application 

-Jcklein, know for bad aim  Cool


-1 I haven't seen you for very long on the server and based off your app it looked rushed like others said and for your lack of experience and wording.

i help nerds l0l



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