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Kidnapped in spawn


Your RpName Name:Zenus
Your SteamID(STEAM_0:1:102671353):
RpName of player you're reporting:Tevo
SteamID Of Player You're Reporting(STEAM_0:0:50549311):
Why are you reporting this player?Somehow he kidnapped me while in spawn and then proceeded to blind fold me and steal my money?? He rdmed me quite a few times i dont have screen shots of it though.
RpName Of All Players Involved:Oh Yeah? (STEAM_0:0:50549311) harry pickle (STEAM_0:0:94570550)





Player Tevo has been banned for 5d for rdm, minge, mass kidnap in spawn, and mass failure to wait cooldowns.


Mass failure? You cant just add "mass" to everything someone does alot of.

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