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Staff Report - Heisenberg

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Staff Report Format
Only use this when reporting a staff member for breaking rules or abusing their powers

Your RpName Name: WarHawk

Your SteamID([url=https://oculusgamingau.com/forums/external.php?url=http%3A%2F%2Fsteamid.io%2Flookup][/url]76561198197092098)

Which staff member are you reporting:


Why are you reporting this staff member (Add as much detail as possible)?
Instead of following the process of warning me for the quote on quote rule I broke instead he dealt with it by putting me in a bear trap. I would like the staff member to receive another staff strike for this simple fact that this is not the first time a player has had a run-in with him and his actions. P.S. video includes showing part of the incident start late because obs took time to load and start recording. 

RpName Of All Players Involved:


Yea I don’t know what Heisenberg is up to. Last time I saw him he let some random take sits for him. He started healing everyone on the server. I just think he has the mindset of, (if i do random shit that seems funny to me everyone will like me) sorta deal.


I honestly think that the dude doens't give a fuck anymore about what he does on-duty off-duty. I had a video of him becoming a mugger and trying to pickpocket a Pianists. When he noticed he couldn't, he teleported the player to him and started to pickpocket, the player and I were both in a party so I killed Hesienberg. After that, he teleported to me, cleared his NLR, and teleported the player AGAIN to him and started to pickpocket him, I asked why he did that and he said he was "testing". First thing first he was tping and clearing his NLR as a mugger off-duty and secondly he never notified the player if he may use him in the way being, and well yeah. Sadly I don't have the video no longer because I deleted it, and as WarHawk said, this is many of the many times players have complained about him and he continues to not giving a shit.


I wanna give him the benefit of the doubt because hes a pretty nice guy but he is a pretty bad mod Sad Im sorry heisenburg if you are reading this but you seem to wanna just play around since you have mod powers. You run around picking people up and rdming people and getting away with it because you are a mod.


I %1000 AGREE!


Staff Member has been removed from the staff team due to his past and recent reports. Your warn has also been removed.



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