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Staff Handbook

Staff Handbook

All staff should refer to this handbook when looking to punish rulebreakers, as well as to refer to when questioning your powers/peers. Staff are expected to attempt to show up to staff meetings when requested, contact a higher up when you believe you will be absent or are taking a break. All staff should inquire about all server related subjects to their higher ups(This refers a to a chain of command, as listed below). All staff should have knowledge with Awarn, bLogs, and ULX. It is recommended all staff bind separate keys for ULX menu, Awarn menu, and bLogs menu.

Chain of Command

D-MOD>T-Mod>Moderator>Admin>Senior Admin>HeadAdmin>SuperAdmin>Co-Owner>Owner(DO NOT directly contact the owner unless stated.)

  • 1.Do not use any of the fun commands unless there is a moderation benefit
    2.Do not randomly kick/mute/gag/ban/warn players. Basically don't abuse your commands.
    3.Do not use special characters when issuing commands on players (*,^,@,etc.)
    4.Refrain from typing out commands in chat, instead use the ULX/Awarn menu as to not make a mistake.
    5.Refrain from using any staff commands when off-duty.
    6.Do not use staff commands on other staff members, regardless if it has no effect on them.
  • 7.Try to refrain from taking sits while there are other staff on duty while you are off duty, unless the staff member is busy or there are no members on duty.
    8.Do not abuse your title in order to get out of RP situations.
    9.Follow and enforce all rules equally and at all times.
    10.Punish players only if they report problems(unless someone is mass rdming and creating a public nuisance, or causing the server problems.)
    11.Do not target specific players or groups (hounding them, following them trying to get them banned/in trouble constantly).
    12.Do not cause drama between staff or players, and use the admin chat maturely.
    13.Act proper and adult in game chat and in general Discord chat, you want to appear as if you were staff and this were an actual job.
    14.Do not disrespect/harass fellow staff members or players, joking is one thing but being blatantly rude and upsetting another person is unecessary.
    15. Do Not no-clip randomly into players' bases unless they are suspected rule breakers.
    16.As a staff on duty you MAY NOT own printers, buildings, build, or roleplay for any reason.
    17.If you are not on duty, do not set your job to on duty(If you aren't taking sits and just flying around).
    18.Do not contest another staff member's status, higher-ups should be treated such as; this isn't a competitive scene, do not attempt to seem better than other staff
    19.DO NOT touch another players/staff members props/entities UNLESS they directly ask you to or it is for an administrative purpose(IF A STAFF MEMBER IS CAUGHT STEALING E2s THEY WILL BE DEMOTED)
    20.Keep the same RPName as your Steam and Discord name.
Punishment Guidelines
  • 20.RDM - 1 Kill - Warn
    RDM - 2 Kills - 12 hour ban
    RDM - 3+ Kills - 2 week ban
    (If someone kills multiple people in a 24 hour time period, include it in the punishment phase, such as 3 total RDMs in one day as a week ban.)
    21.Micspam/Chatspam - Gag/Mute + warn
    22.FailRP/Minge - Instance 1 - Warn
    FailRP/Minge - Instance 2 - Warn + Kick
    FailRP/Minge - Instance 3 - Warn + 1 week ban
    23.Hacking/Cheating/Scripting - Permanent Ban

    25.RDM - Random death match, randomly killing a player for no reason.
    26.FailRP/Minge - Not caring whether you die or not during something such as a mug, I.E. refusing to drop money and would rather die. Spamming fading doors, raiding as hobo, being a general ass and causing players grief.
    27.FearRP - Pulling a gun during a mug or any other time where a real like scenario would be too scary to risk it.

    ***Take some of these guidelines with a grain of salt, staff are welcome to use their best judgement in most cases with punishments, just don't overdo it. Failure to comply with these rules/guidelines can and will result in suspension/demotion, and in extreme cases a ban.***

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