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I'm not the newest here...

So I am (in the rainrp server) Lorsyntonio.
I'd like to first welcome all who view this to my thread. 
If you were to ever need any help, and an admin isn't available, contact me on the discord servers @CC Cantarum.

Anyways, (I have as of 1/8/2019) 24+ hours on the server. I am a VIP+ donator, and am applying for mod/trial admin.
I hope everyone has a wonderful day/night, and again if you need help ^^^^^
Garry's Mod: If you're in need of assistance with something, related to DarkRP*I urge you too contact me via, joining the server's Discord, or via Private Messaging with Steam.
DarkRP*:(Meaning anything from Wire-Tool Contraptions, to Needing a simple Question Answered.)

League Of Legends: If you're currently ranked Silver, or higher message me through [i]Steam* for a duo.[/i]
---If however you don't receive a response from me after 5 minutes;[Image: heart.png]
--Feel free to Message me on Discord [Image: at.png]CC_Cantarum


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