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crazy ban appeal dude


In-game Name: fasdsappsf

Steam ID(Do not use steam username.): STEAM_0:1:179345279

Who banned you?: SirDuffles

Reason for ban: Hacking?

Screenshot of ban: Pretty sure it was an ip ban, wont even let me connect

Why should you be unbanned?: I wasn't hacking in the slightest? Like, I was messing around with the climbswep and encountered a bug, then this dude just bans me straight up for hacking! Like Isn't it in your staff ethos to get proof or something beforehand? Allowing mods to ban for hacking, especially without proof, is a terrible idea. Told him it was a bug but he didn't listen! I will be MORE THAN HAPPY to show you the bug!


I am aware of this bug, and after getting more information on the situation I have determined that you were indeed not using any sort of "speed hack". For the meantime, avoid using this bug, as people who are unaware of its existence will most likely assume it is something else. You have been unbanned, thank you for staying calm during this situation.
Nvidia Technician


[Image: original.gif]


Let's start with your first point, you claimed that you were just messing around with climbswep and encountered a bug. But when I confronted you, after jailing you, asking about whether or not you were hacking you instead decided to change your name and did not provide me a valid reason to not ban you. You didn't refute any of my accusations. Not once did you ever say that you found a bug, I have screenshots of chat logs in-game. Regardless if you had found a bug, you should at the very least notify any staff that were online at the time, as continuing to abuse the exploit is prohibted from the server.

In terms of evidence, I saw it with my own eyes, not only that but two other witnesses also saw you flying across the map. Is that not enough evidence to give myself a valid reason to banning you?

Ignore post, its been handled.

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