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Panda's Promo App

In-Game Name: ItsPanda

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:158658247

In-Game Time:  5 weeks

Current Staff Rank: Admin

Requested Staff Rank: I think since head admin is taken the next up is super admin

Why should you be Promoted?: I think i should recieve this promotion because of the folowing. I only have one report, that was a long time ago and its since been resolved. I have 5 weeks on the server so im obviously a dedicated staff member. I'm generaly liked around the servers community. I enjoy helping out and i feel i can do even more if I become a Super Admin. I can do things like give refunds when the server crashes now that that the plugin for that is no longer in the server. Also I can help more on the forums and fix some rules with permision of cource. There are now a lot of admins and I think i've been admin long enough to see the admins when they were still tmods and i trained them. I try to get on every day if not every other day and since ive been staff ive mostly been active. That is why i believe that i deserve this promotion. It is entirley up to you to decide weather or not this is somthing i earned in my time as staff on RainRP; thank you.

Who recommended you?: No one

OH and also i've spent a lot of money here not really important but thought id add it anyway

+1 although has been not as active lately he has been around for a long time and is a great staff member.
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